Benefits of an Executive Detox Program


This post was written by the experts at Tides Edge Detox a leading addiction treatment facility in Florida specializing in detox services and helping clients find the best treatment programs.

There are several types of detox programs for people dealing with an addiction issue. Specific types of detox therapy will make the process of getting off drugs easier for people. At Tides Edge Detox, our executive detox is one such type of program aimed at helping professional people recovery from substance use disorder. An executive detox program paves the way for business professionals with an addiction issue to gain the help they need.

Why Business Professionals Need Executive Detox

Business professionals who end up with an addiction issue have different needs because of their position. Being an executive puts you in a unique position. You have many responsibilities to keep up with, and many people probably rely on you. Also, most executives may be concerned about their reputation or job position if they admit to an addiction problem. Additionally, being in an executive position and needing rehab can make you feel unsure about the future. For example, you may wonder if your job will still be there for you.

Insurance concerns are also an issue if you are an executive professional needing drug detox. You may wonder if you can get any pay with a salaried position while being gone during detox. These are some of the reasons business professionals need a specific program, such as executive detox, to address these and other issues.

What is an Executive Detox Program

An executive detox program provides aid while going through the withdrawal symptoms. You can participate in inpatient detox treatment, which will include around the clock care. Medical clinicians will make sure you are monitored closely during your withdrawals and provide you with medication if needed.

You will also have special therapy sessions designed to help you get to the root of your problem. Some of the therapy will delve into any unresolved issues from past situations, while other therapies will help you fight future relapse. You can leave an executive detox program with the ability to resist the urges and cravings that lie ahead in the future. Some of the therapies that will benefit you during detox include:

With the help of an executive detox program, you will be able to transition back to work with success.

Get Started with an Executive Detox Program at Tides Edge Detox

You can find detox therapy in Florida when you reach out to Tides Edge Detox. Begin the admissions process and find out how an executive detox program will help you. An intake coordinator will discuss the various options you have for treatment. Some of these addiction treatment options include:

At Tides Edge Detox, we have certified therapists and doctors who will work with you through this challenging time. No matter what type of addiction issue you have, you don’t have to go through it alone. The Tides Edge Detox staff is equipped to help you navigate through detox.

When you call Tides Edge Detox, an intake coordinator will walk you through the admissions process and verify your insurance.

Don’t delay taking care of yourself. Take action today, and begin the first step of seeking executive detox for addiction. You can overcome this problem and be stronger in the end. You will find detox therapy the answer to transitioning from addiction to ryour professional life again. Get started by participating in a detox therapy treatment program. Contact Tides Edge Detox at 866.723.3127, or contact us online, and we’ll walk with you every step of the way.

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