Learning Life Skills After Addiction

If you or someone is currently dealing with addiction and has committed to recovery, you may wonder what happens when treatment commences. One of the aspects many clients need assistance with as they heal from the physical and psychological aspects of addiction is integrating into everyday life. Sometimes addiction erodes the practical skills we’ve developed as adults. When this is the case, Harmony Hills helps clients bolster their life skills after addiction to keep on track with the ceasing of addictive behavior.

Consider Joining Groups Of People With Similar Interests

During a substance abuse treatment program, people who have addictions meet others who do as well. Group therapy programs often bring about life-long friendships as there is a close connection between members who have gone through treatment programs together. Meeting with some people in the future helps to keep addiction at bay for all parties involved. While in treatment, clients are encouraged to discuss their hopes and dreams for the future. Using this knowledge to strike up conversations with people with similar interests may lead to the desire to learn life skills after addiction together.

At Harmony Hills in Florida, we understand that your treatment involves battling addiction during the early stages as well as for the long-term. Life skills after addiction are an important part of the entire process. Some of our programs include:

Use A Journal To Help Determine A Path

If someone who had gone through a recovery program is serious about learning life skills after addiction, they have the power to reflect upon their journey to decide exactly what makes them feel accomplished. Jotting down current skills in a notebook helps to determine which of them can be expanded upon. For example, if someone seems exceptionally talented in socializing, they may want to consider giving their time to others at a food pantry or clothing giveaway. If they like working with their hands, becoming adept at crafting or fixing things may be right up their alley.

Enlist In Programs At Work Or Town

There are always events going on in communities, workplaces, and schools. Opening up to the idea of joining a group of people to learn a skill together is a bit scary at first, especially after going through an addiction treatment program. However, after the initial meeting, most people find that they truly enjoy the companionship with others and the education being presented to them. Check newspapers and online sources to find interesting prospects in the area. If one doesn’t seem to be the right fit, move on to another.

Ask For Assistance During Treatment Itself

Treatment for addictive behavior includes individual therapy programs with professionals. During a session, indicate the desire to learn life skills after treatment comes to an end. Most treatment facilities have plenty of resources available to share with clients. They may even set up meetings with prospective hiring companies, allowing life skills to be learned while on the job. During treatment programs, an addict is presented with plenty of information about coping with their struggles. They are also given information about how to better their life after their treatment dwindles.

Treatment is never really over. However, sessions in-person may be decreased as addictive behavior changes. Using the skills given during treatment for dealing with triggers also aids in finding new ways to direct energy, so the addictive behavior does not start again.

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