3 Benefits of a North Carolina Men’s Rehab Center

Trying to overcome an addiction is a difficult struggle for many people. Men and women work through feelings of failure as they try to break away from their issues with substance abuse. Sometimes it can feel like they’re swimming against the tide, getting pulled under no matter what they do. Red Oak Recovery offers help for men living in Indianapolis, IN or around North Carolina. We provide the emotional support and guidance needed to help men out of the deep end of addiction. To learn about the benefits of attending our Asheville, NC treatment center, contact Red Oak Recovery at 866.457.7590 today.

Receive Treatment Focused on Male Issues

There are fundamental cultural and biological issues between men and women regarding problems with substance abuse. Men tend to develop substance use disorders at almost twice the rate of women. Taking part in a gender-based program for men focuses on the issues men go through when they are struggling with addiction.

Societal expectations are a big reason that men end up turning to drugs or alcohol. Peer pressure and other environmental factors also play a role. Many men develop problems with alcohol at a young age because they feel they must prove their masculinity by how much they drink.

A stay at Red Oak Recovery treatment center can help male North Carolina or Indianapolis, IN residents focus on what’s essential when it comes to recovery. They get the benefits of being in a supportive environment where they can let their walls down.

Freedom From Feelings of Judgment

Another benefit of attending a men’s rehab in North Carolina or Indianapolis, IN is that there is freedom from feeling judged by the opposite sex. It’s no secret that people often turn to romantic entanglements while in a rehab setting.

Removing women from the mix removes a potential distraction so clients can focus solely on getting well. It’s an opportunity to bond with other men in the program who have gone through similar experiences. Together, everyone learns how to modify past destructive behaviors in ways that make them better people.

Attending a treatment center in Indianapolis, IN or North Carolina gives clients a chance to start laying the foundation for a lasting recovery. Men get the opportunity to practice life skills they will need to function outside of rehab without relapsing.

Chance to Form Bonds With Peers

Time spent in a men’s rehab in North Carolina offers men the chance to form friendships with others in the program. Those can be crucial to setting up a support network outside of the program. Everyone gets the chance to hold each other accountable for past actions while finding solutions to handling various situations they will encounter in daily life.

Connections made in treatment often carry over into real life. Men have someone else to call when the pressures of life become overwhelming. You have someone to contact when you find yourself experiencing cravings. Support from others who want to see you succeed in recovery can be a significant factor in staying clean and sober.

Connect With A Men’s Rehab Program

Red Oak Recovery offers a variety of services to help men seeking treatment in Asheville, North Carolina or Indianapolis, IN. You can let yourself be vulnerable and express your emotions, opening up your ability to absorb the lessons taught in therapy.

Admitting you have a problem does not make you weak. Doing so shows how strong you are. Choose to take your life back and overcome your demons. Contact Red Oak Recovery at 866.457.7590 if you’re ready to receive help for your issues.

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