Struggling With Addiction During The Holidays

Addiction is a disease that does not go away. It is something that stays with you throughout your lifetime, including through the holidays. The holidays, though, can amplify this disease and make it much harder for you to stick with the right path. At Crestview Recovery, a crucial part of our goal is to help you find your way forward through effective treatment plans.

Why Are You Struggling with Addiction?

The holidays can bring about a lot of change in your day. Your time is now more limited because you have much more to do and take care of. There also comes a lot of responsibility for this time of the year. Suddenly, your friends and family need your time. You have to spend money on gifts. You need to do whatever it takes not to disappoint your child. All of this adds up to increased stress levels. It can make the thought of during drugs and alcohol come back into your mind.

Take a moment to write down why you are struggling with addiction right now. What’s taxing you the most? What’s limiting your success the most? Acknowledge what is happening as a first step.

Take the Pressure Off Where You Can

One of the steps you can take to help you overcome some of this frustration is to find ways to reduce your stress. With that list that you just made, what do you not have to do? What can someone else do? More importantly, what on that list is bothering you the most? How can you make it easier to manage? Asking yourself all of these questions can help you to see where some opportunities are for relieving your stress.

Put Time Into Yourself During the Holidays

The next step is to take care of yourself. No matter what is going on during the holidays, you don’t want to start using again. For that reason, you have to put the time into finding substance abuse treatment for yourself. That may mean:

  • Keeping all appointments with your therapist
  • Working closely with your mentor sponsor when times get tough
  • Finding a way to improve your health such as through exercise or walks outside
  • Connecting with friends and family that are willing to listen without judging
  • Taking that long bath or turning off the phone for a few hours to decompress

Your goal is not to do it all. It is to get through the holidays without using drugs and alcohol. That seems like a very big step and a hard thing to overcome. Yet, there are many people who do it with success because they have invested in the right support.

You Are Not Alone in Your Battle

If you are struggling with addiction and are using right now, it is the ideal time to find help. You do not have to put off getting the help and care you need. You should invest in yourself at this point. That may mean entering into drug and alcohol treatment now. At Crestview Recovery, we encourage you to reach out to our team to learn more about the care plans we offer. Even though you have so much else to do, you need help for your addiction.

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