The Dangers of the Benzo Shortage

Benzodiazepine, or benzos, is a sedative type that many people rely on to manage mental health symptoms. It is not entirely healthy or safe for its users as it is also associated with dependence. But, a benzo shortage due to increased demand or disrupted production is still dangerous.
An abrupt benzo shortage could leave dependent users with no choice but to withdraw. This shortage is a critical problem globally since an abrupt withdrawal could lead to health complications of seizures and possibly death. If you need benzo addiction treatment, reach out to The Willow at Red Oak today at 855.773.0614.

What Are Benzos?

Doctors prescribe benzos for people with severe anxiety, stress, panic disorders, and insomnia. They are usually taken through the mouth and, in rare cases, through injections. The most common type of benzo is Xanax.

Although benzos are effective in treating anxiety, tolerance can increase over time, leading to dependence. Some may only use it as prescribed, while others may intentionally resort to substance abuse to cope with anxiety. Even with a prescription, there is still no guarantee that dependence won’t develop over continued use.

Dangers of Benzo Shortage

The number of people suffering from mental illnesses is increasing every year. Along with this is the increasing demand for Benzo prescriptions. As a result, the benzo shortage can happen and cause dangers to benzo users.

Abrupt Withdrawal

Restoring independence will involve putting the body and mind through benzo withdrawal. While a benzo shortage may force an individual to withdraw, it is not the type of withdrawal that promotes recovery. Withdrawal under the care and supervision of a medical professional is the most recommended form of withdrawal.

Otherwise, an abrupt withdrawal due to a benzo shortage can cause dangerous and deadly withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can include seizures and death if done unsupervised.

Severe Mental Conditions

Some people who have panic disorders and anxiety will need medicinal prescriptions to manage symptoms with benzos. However, doctors may limit their medications due to the benzo shortage. If this continues, it can cause people with undealt mental illnesses to suffer from symptoms daily.

Severe Symptoms

The reason why the benzo shortage is extremely dangerous is because of its associated symptoms. Many people suffering from stress, anxiety, and panic disorders may rely on benzos for dealing with these symptoms. This means that a sudden shortage can cause them to suffer from challenges they may find challenging to manage.

Symptoms of Benzo Withdrawal

A forced withdrawal is dangerous for a dependent user’s health. It may be the only way to recover from dependence, but doing it abruptly can be deadly. However, whether you do professionally or not may not reduce the occurrence of symptoms. Some of these symptoms may include:

  • Lack of sleep and restlessness
  • Weight loss due to lack of appetite
  • Vomiting, fever, and sickness
  • Nightmares and anxious feelings
  • Blurred vision and difficulty in concentration
  • Isolation due to developed depression

However, symptoms may emerge that are more severe in nature and can result in death or cognitive impairment. These symptoms may include worsening mental health conditions and seizures.

Manage the Benzo Shortage with Treatment

A benzo shortage poses a lot of risks and dangers to its dependent users. While help will seem limited due to drug shortage, there are still alternative treatments to address your dependence. If you need help in managing your symptoms, specific types of treatment programs can help. These programs include:

The Willows at Red Oak Recovery Can Help with Benzo Dependence

If you or a loved one has severe dependence on benzos, a sudden benzo shortage could damage their cognitive ability. A medical professional’s care and supervision can help minimize the deadly effects of the drug shortage. Contact the Willows at Red Oak Recovery at 855.773.0614 to book an appointment.

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