Spotting Heroin Addiction in Women

Heroin Addiction in Women

Are you struggling with heroin addiction? You may be worried about someone in your life who is using this substance. You’re unsure if they need professional treatment. As one of the most addictive substances today, it’s critical to get your loved one help if you notice it. A heroin drug crisis in women is happening across the country. Don’t let your loved one fall through the cracks.

Signs of Heroin Addiction in Women

Addiction impacts men and women in different ways. That’s because of both their physical and psychological makeup. It’s important to look for changes in their behaviors, thought patterns, or beliefs that could indicate something is different, and they are at a higher risk.

Some of the most common signs of heroin addiction in women include:

  • Significant and unexplained weight loss
  • Hiding use such as wearing long sleeves
  • Withdrawing from friends and family, especially if they were engaged with them previously
  • Pale, gaunt appearance often hidden through baggy clothes.
  • Lying or hiding the truth about activities or money use

In addition to this, it may be obvious that a family member is not feeling well, though many women will try to hide this. That may include feelings of being ill, itching, and dry mouth. Some women will also have a heart rate reduction and breathing, which often happens when using heroin.

What to Do When You Notice These Changes

If you see heroin addiction symptoms like these in someone you live with or spend time with often, that’s an indication that they need help. Finding a heroin rehab center in Florida that can offer them help is the next step.


During addiction treatment, a person will spend time working on themselves and their physical needs. This may start with detox or medications that make it possible for a person to stop using for at least a short time. The individual will then need to work through a women’s heroin rehab in FL that offers personalized therapies.


Most often, this will include access to outstanding resources and therapies. They can help a person to regain trust and confidence. It may also lead to improved mental health. Once the chemicals are out of a person’s system, they can think better for themselves and improve their health and emotional well-being.

How to Get a Loved One Get Heroin Addiction Help

You know they are using heroin. You know that heroin addiction is present and is taking control of a loved one’s life. What can you do to fix this?

  • Talk to them about what you’re seeing. Explain, using just facts, what has happened that has you worried about their drug use.
  • Discuss their risks to continued use. For heroin, this tends to create risk factors for overdose, long-term damage to the heart and kidneys, and cognitive decline.
  • Discuss the options. Tell your loved one that you want them to get help for heroin addiction and, if they do, you will help them through it.
  • Make it clear you cannot keep providing care to them any longer. That means you cannot support their drug use with money or providing a place to live.
  • Explain how their addiction has impacted you. Be honest about the fear and worry it has created in you. Be honest about how much it is affecting your health.

You’re Not Alone in Your Heroin Addiction

When you’re facing health risks and losing your way due to heroin addiction, it can feel very lonely. Yet, there is help available from professionals with the most innovative and effective treatment options. You’ll find that addiction can be overcome with the right help. Take the time right now to get that help by calling today.


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